What does Brexit mean for holidays in the U.K?

What does Brexit mean for holidays in the U.K?

IN this short-term period of post-Brexit uncertainty, many Brits will be asking what this historic vote means for their holiday prospects, and specifically how it will affect the cost of their flights in the future.

Most Airline companies have been some of the biggest winners from the EU project, thanks to the access that it provides to multiple European markets.

In the wake of the Brexit vote, the aviation industry faces a period of unease, with many British travellers likely to be worried about the fate of their European holidaysor possible lack of European holidays.

With that in mind, there are a few ways things could play out for aviation firms, since the outcome of Britain’s momentous decision depends on the terms of our re-negotiation with the EU.

Before the vote, Easyjet and Ryanair claimed flights will become more expensive because of the changes to aviation rules.

And on  the Friday, after it dawned on the nation that the we had voted to leave, British airline stocks did fall dramatically by around 20%.

A statement from the company today said “We have talked about prices rising if when we are outside of the EU and this depends on what the future arrangements are. If future arrangements add complexity, that adds cost and will be reflected in fares.” which for people who enoy travelling overseas for a relaxing holiday is pretty daunting.

What this could possibly mean is that there maybe a massive increase in holidays within the UK. This is a country that has got fantastic countrysides and coastlines filled with fantastic variety for all members of the family.

We can almost see that moving forward that the increase of uk holidays will involve caravans. I am sure as an owner of a caravan and also a lover of staying in a caravan of my own that this will benefit a large amount of people whether as an owner or as a holiday goer. We as a company will be keeping a close eye on this as we can see that this will all start to take effect as soon as the avaiation laws have been negotiated which, no doubt will be at the top of the agenda.