Summer Holidays 2017

Summer Holidays 2017


Summer Holidays in the British Isles.



Now that Christmas is just a distant memory, it’s time to change your thoughts to your summer holidays. With the pound, not as mighty as it once was, this means more British holiday makers could be tempted to swap that break on the Costa del Sol for a week at home, and rediscover the UK’s own holiday attractions.

Holidays are a roller coaster of extremes; there's the joys of picking your destination and the build up to your departure date, then the stress of what to pack, what not to pack and of course, as we all know when you're in the UK, theres the all important question 'do you pack your umbrella?' Holidaying in the UK has distinct advantages; no luggage weight restrictions, no faffing about whether or not you can drink the water, no messing about with silly holiday currency no jet lag. Take all of the above and combine it with some beautiful country scenery not forgetting the beautiful beaches that the UK has to offer as a holiday destination.  Admittedly we can’t bank on the  British weather, but you could head abroad and fall victim to a freak storm so it is one of those chances you take. 

Benefits of a Static Caravan Holiday

They don’t move

Static caravans are delivered on wheels and that’s all the similarities they have with touring caravans. These caravans are not moved around which allows the use of much heavier materials like wood and other stronger constructions materials. This ensures better insulation from the cold.


With a static caravan, you will never need to keep shifting your belongings in and out of the holiday house. The things you add to it will become a part of it like a regular house in a sense.

Bathroom Facilities

Unlike a touring caravan, the static has toilets directly connected to the sewage system. You also get hot water 24 hours a day, every single day.

Large Space

The best thing about static caravans Is the fact that there’s no issue about space. You can enjoy the luxury of wide open space inside the caravan with the bonus of a veranda (Only if there is one) if you like sitting out in the open.


Home away from home

A static caravan is like any other holiday home; you can have your family over and friends too and this allows you to enjoy your holidays with them which we believe is a good way to create happy memories.

Environmental Impact

With a static caravan, you can be environmental friendly because you won’t be driving around with a caravan in tow, which consumes more fuel than the regular amount or flying in a plane or using fuel on a boat. With a static, you use far less electricity than fuel during your holiday so will be doing your bit for the environment whist still providing plenty of fun for you and the family.



Static Caravans are the clear winners when it comes to enjoying a holiday in the UK. But getting a caravan ultimately depends on your personal preference. If you prefer staying in one place, then have a look at our website as we have got some of the best privately owned holiday homes listed with us. Why not check out our wide options in our static caravans for hire section at situated all around the UK.