Pokemon go Craze

Pokemon go Craze

4 Scenic Pokemon Go PokeStops in North Wales

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, and we’re pretty excited it’s been launched in North Wales.

If you’re playing the game in North Wales, you’ll likely bump into a PokeStop or two. We’re firm believers in the quality over quantity rule for PokeStops and with that being said, we’ve listed our top 4 scenic PokeStops in North Wales.
1. Menai Bridge

Keep your eye out for a whole host of water Pokémon at this scenic PokeStop. Menai Bridge connects Anglesey to mainland Wales in a truly spectacular way. All along the bridge, you’ll discover plenty of PokeStops. And for those players who didn’t quite manage to catch Pikachu at the start of the game, sightings of our yellow friend have been reported at the nearby Bangor Pier.
2. Moel Famau

Even Clwydian Range’s highest peak is home to a PokeStop. Setting up shop at an abandoned fortress, with panoramic views of North Wales, this PokeStop is arguably the most scenic of them all. Even if you’re left with a measly PokeBall – the view alone is well worth the walk!
3. Llandudno Pier

Llandudno is PokeStop central. The Victorian town is packed to the rafters with PokeStops, but the most scenic? The pier of course. The entrance to Llandudno’s famous pier has its very own PokeStop. You can even pick up a couple more items along the pier.
4. Conwy

20 PokeStops are crammed into the historic town of Conwy. A walk beside the walls is your best strategy to collect as many goodies as possible. For the most scenic stop, head down to the front. The coast is home to PokeStops and an incredible view of theConwy Estuary.