Dog Friendly Holidays

All Dog lovers are keen to take their canine companions wherever they go, however it can become a problem if the location you’re visiting doesn’t really cater towards types of dogs. It’s so heart-breaking to think that you might need to them behind while you’re out having fun. Leaving them with a dog sitter or in a doggy hotel might take a bit of practice and getting used to, but then again at the same time, you don’t want your dog to prevent you going out and enjoying your holiday without them. One of the best places to take your dog on holiday to is a caravan park; specifically, a dog-friendly park and there is plenty of dog-friendly Static Caravan Parks in the United Kingdom. You can take long walks and hikes with your dog, let them roam free on fields and beaches and run around without the fear of busy streets or traffic and there are beaches to take them so that they can play around at their leisure.


Renting or Owning a Caravan at a Static Park

Taking your dog on holiday is easy if you plan to rent or own a static caravan. These have a couple of advantages over regular caravans when you’re a dog owner:


  • Many caravan parks now support dogs and will have either separate sections or rules that help you fit in with the other caravan owners and renters. There are even some amenities that will make it easier for you to live with your dog at the caravan park.


  • No need to drive it around. A static caravan means you can just drive in your regular vehicle or even take public transport to reach your destination. This often makes it more convenient and means there’s less setup required. You can simply jump in a car with your dog and drive away to your caravan park.


  • Static caravans will allow your dog to get used to their surroundings. They’ll make friends with other dogs, they’ll learn their favourite locations and they’ll get comfortable with the environment.


If you’re interested in buying or renting a static caravan at a dog-friendly site, then there are plenty of online portals such as that will help you find the right caravan for your needs. If you’re unsure if a caravan site is dog-friendly or not, then be sure to contact us and ask for assistance, we are always happy to help.


Making Life Easier For Your Dog

Your dog will definitely be exploring a lot more than normal when it comes to caravan parks. Big open beaches, fields full of tall grass and even mountain paths will be the perfect playground for your dogs. Just be sure that you follow these tips to help make things easier for your dog.


  • Don’t forget the basics when looking after your pet. Dog-Friendly Static Caravan parks may be much more friendly places for dogs than your usual park or busy city street, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your duties as their owner. Make sure you clean after their mess, keep them on a leash especially if your dog is prone to running off and always keep an eye on them so they don’t disrupt all the other caravan owners.


  • Learn all of the rules and respect them – You need to learn and respect the rules of the caravan park that you’re visiting(see their policy on line if needs be). This is so that you can fit in with the other owners and renters without sticking out or causing a fuss. Ask the caravan park what their pet policy is and ensure that your breed of dog isn’t restricted.


  • Watch for the clearly marked restricted areas – If there are some strict rules regarding dogs then you can be sure that there will be some restricted areas that your dog isn’t allowed to roam around in. These areas will be clearly marked for you to see so make sure you keep an eye out for any of the signs.


  • Check how many dogs you can bring before booking – Some caravan parks  will only allow you to bring one dog while others are possibly more relaxed with their rules than others. Make sure you respect these rules and read up on how many dogs you can actually bring with you so you don’t get turned away at the gates.


Remember that all caravan parks reserve the right to turn away dog owners if they feel something is wrong or they feel like your dog will put the other guests at risk or interfere with them. Try and keep your dog on their best behaviour at all times so that this doesn’t happen to you!


Some Final Words about Dog-Friendly Static Caravan parks

A static caravan park that is friendly to dogs will be like a home away from home. Of course, dogs will only ever truly feel at home when they’re in your home, but with some practice, your dogs can easily get used to the environment. This is another good reason why static caravans are so sought-after for pet owners; because it allows their companion to get used to their new surroundings.


Dog-Friendly Static Caravan parks embrace the idea of allowing pets to tag along with their owners, but many of the rules are still being fleshed out. It’s important to respect the rules to ensure that both you and your dog have a fantastic time living in your static caravan and taking a break from your usual schedule.