Decorating A Static Caravan

Decorating A Static Caravan

You are lucky enough to be the owner of a static caravan that you want to hire out, then the chances are you will be spending a lot of time there. As an owner, you should not be worrying about decorating your Static Caravan to make it feel like a home away from home. Some owners feel anxious at the prospect of decorating their caravan, mainly because of the space issue, although it’s not necessarily a general problem given the advances in caravans these days. If you don’t want to spend hours moving furniture around, instead look to make small changes with accessories, fabrics, new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint. For a true (and cost-effective) home experience; if you’ve got leftover carpet or wallpaper that was used to decorate your house, then you can always furnish the caravan with it.


Wall décor

Static Caravans may all look similar from the outside however, that doesn’t mean the insides of them will be too. Why not add your personal touch by putting up favourite photographs as well as a few special ornaments. If you have children/grandchildren, then why not set them an activity to create works of art for a gallery within your caravan, giving it a more homely feel.


Storage Solutions

Storage can sometimes prove to be challenging with Static Caravans, especially if your caravan is going to be used by families hiring your caravan rather than just couples. In the bedroom,  You should opt for cupboards above the bed as opposed to around the room, and if possible try and have compartments fitted under the bed itself. This will ensure that clutter is easily put away and will give an impression of space too.


Mirrors and Lighting

Mirrors are a blessing! They not only help to give the impression of a bigger space but with so many different types available from mirrored tiles to large wall fixtures you can use them to make your caravan as individual as you are. If mirrors aren’t your thing, you could always choose different lighting for each room – overhead lighting, floor and table lamps, and hanging fixtures. Also if you don’t already, then you could consider having some of the lights on a dimmer, particularly useful in the autumn/winter months to create a cosy, warm ambience.


Your Static Caravan may have a lot of windows and this is great not only for letting in the light but also to appreciate your beautiful surroundings. There will no doubt  be occasions when you don’t want a lot of sunlight or you need privacy. For this purpose investing in blackout material for curtains is a must. Your windows don’t necessarily have to be draped in curtains, blinds are ideal for achieving a contemporary feel.


Keeping with the “small changes” theme, replacing fixtures such as doorknobs, handles and faucets will ensure your Static Caravan is modern and stylish. Before setting your heart on a particular design check that the items are suitable for use within a Static Caravan as not all fixtures are suitable for both houses and caravans.


If you want to update the kitchen, you could replace the cabinet doors and drawers, but this is likely to be costly. Alternatively, first sandpaper and then varnish or wax the woodwork for a fresh new look. Unless it is a luxury caravan the bathroom is usually small and won’t have a bath. As a result don’t change too much around in here, simple and minimal will work in your favour. By using throws and colourful, textured cushions in the seating area even the most tired of upholstery can be made to appear new and inviting.


The key things to remember when decorating your Static Caravan – Keep it simple, keep it personal and it doesn’t have to be a time or money sapping exercise.