Caravan Season 2017

Caravan Season 2017

Getting Your Caravan Ready for the New Season

As the New Year begins, it’s almost time for you to prepare yourself and your caravan for the new season. Here is a chance for you to embrace the new caravan season in a true owner’s spirit and set about to get your static caravan ready for the new 2017 season. Spring is just around the corner and what better time it would be for you than right now to explore the wonders and gifts that nature has to offer.


Get your static caravan ready for spring, pack your bags and make your way back to the peace and tranquillity of your Caravan Park. Its been a lovely winter so far and we’re looking forward to seeing the park in bloom again.


This coming spring is going to be the first caravan holiday this new 2017 season has to offer for many people. In order to help you make the most out of your holiday experience we have compiled some useful tips, to help make sure that you have ticked all the right boxes and have adequately managed to get your caravan ready for the new season.


  • One of the major checks that you need to carry out while getting your caravan ready for the new season involves properly inspecting caravan pipes and connections. Inspect the pipes and connections to ensure that these are not damaged due to frost. Even though, today’s caravans are robust it’s always better to inspect these for any signs of winter damage.
  • For those of you who utilised our drain down service – give the office a call and we will arrange for you to be all hooked up and connected again.
  • To get your static caravan ready for the new 2017 season, you also need to make sure that your gas bottle is properly connected and that you have a spare. Its wise to fire up the hot water heater and turn on the oven to check that both are properly working.
  • Getting your static caravan ready for spring also needs you to check your heating. Inspect your central heating and pipes to makes sure that heating is working properly. In case you face any difficulties or complications, call us and we will arrange for a gas certified engineer to thoroughly check your pipes and heating, and help you get your caravan ready for the new season.
  • Make sure to drain down and disconnect when leaving your caravan. This is to avoid any damages in case of a snowfall or hard frosts you may experience in the early spring.
  • Tidying up is an important part of getting your caravan ready for the new season. Ask yourself questions like when did I last use this? Is this important? If the answers No; then Get rid to reduce the clutter. Tidy up to create more space and if possible, give the inside of the caravan a good polish to finally get your caravan ready for the new 2017 season.
  • Get your static caravan ready for spring; it’s easier to give it a polish and a clean on the outside whilst preparing it for the new season when you don’t have the kids and dogs in tow. Check it thoroughly from the outside to make sure that all the gutters are empty and there are no sign of any damage or wear and tear. Give it a good wash and start the new season with a sparkling caravan!

Nothing gets better than spending some enjoyable time with your family in your caravan over the spring bank holiday or anytime of the year. Most new seasons begins on 15th February, so in order to make the most of your holiday time, make sure that you have carried out all the necessary checks and have your caravan ready from the word GO...................

But for now enjoy your xmas but let the countdown to the new caravan season begin.