Caravan Holiday Hacks

Caravan Holiday Hacks

When it comes to caravan holidays, Our Caravan owners have more than a little experience in ensuring that their guests have the best time possible. Ensuring that guests make the most of their holiday with their loved ones is at the centre of what we do and we like to go above and beyond to deliver a getaway worth remembering.

Whether you like to get out on the open road visiting the length and breadth of the country or prefer the familiar home comforts that come with a hired caravan holiday, we thought that we would help you on your way with our top life hacks for caravans.

The caravan holiday industry is still gathering momentum and harking back to the good old days with a traditional family caravan holiday should be up there on your list of things to do! 

What a fantastic way of reconnecting with your family in a way that you just don't get from a beach holiday abroad. We look at some of the best hacks to get you on your way for your next caravan holiday.

  1. Keep a set of caravan essentials ready to go so when you leave, all you need to organise is clothes. Caravan essentials: kitchen utensils, toilet roll, tea towels, washing up liquid, bin bags, anti-bacterial wipes, bedding, towels and even games - because we all need some entertainment!
  2. Use soft bags instead of suitcases as these can be stored more easily once at your destination
  3. Don't pack too much - write an essential list and a luxury list. If you can get by without the luxuries, then leave them at home!
  4. Roll clothes instead of folding - you can see what you have much easier and you are more likely to avoid creasing your clothes
  5. If your clothes do get creased, simply hang in the bathroom while showering
  6. Add a scented dryer sheet to your bags to keep your clothes smelling fresh
  7. Use packing cubes to ensure things are easier to find - remember to put things you will need to hand on arrival on top
  8. Packing jewellery can be a nightmare - thread necklaces through a straw to avoid any pesky knots
  9. When it comes to packing to go home, pack one case with clean clothes, and one with dirty laundry to save sorting through when you get home
  10. Always take some duct tape or sellotape when you go away. This can act as a lint roller, helps remove splinters, can trap flies and help with first aid matters
  11. Use a hanging shoe rack to store kitchen essentials. Not only does it roll up easily, but it takes up even less room on the way home
  12. Keep your caravan stocked with essentials: a small toolbox to get you out of a pickle - mallet, screwdriver, allen keys; citronella candles to keep insects away naturally, LED lights and torches to help you get around after dark
  13. Forget buying smaller versions of your toiletries - take the ones you use at home. Simply cover with cling film under lids to avoid spillages and store in a zip-lock bag
  14. Take a power strip if you know you will need extra plugs while on holiday - those phones, cameras and tablets all need charging, after all

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